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UTC is the realization of a childhood vision by Legendary Tap Master Tamangoh VanCayseele Stanislas to build an Art Center in his birthplace of Guiana, which serves as a Bridge for the teaching of tap dance and all rhythmic forms of dance and music from around the globe.

The launch of the Center, scheduled for 2021, will establish a creative space for artists from Guiana and from all over the world to come teach and to share their unique expressions and rhythmic versatilities with the children of Guiana.

There will also be scheduled demonstrations and performances of the  international artists. Classes will be ongoing for both children and adults.    

It is known that through the dance and music,  the understanding of different rhythms, the dedication of this higher education, that a portal to true Self Expression can be achieved.   

Tamangoh VanCayseele Stanislas

Founder, Visionary, Director, Instructor

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